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Congratulations You’ve Completed Stock Markets 101!

You have just finished your first course and are on your way to a better and stronger financial future! Give yourself a pat on the back. Make sure you print off your certificate of completion if you haven’t done so already. Course Takeaways The main goal of this course is to provide you with a solid foundation and basic understanding of financial markets and investing. Some major takeaways from this course are: Strive to Understand the Material If there were any areas that you struggled understanding, we recommend going back and going through the material again. If you did not […]

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Hello and Welcome to the Stock Markets 101 course here on Haas Trade! I am Nathan Haas, the founder, and CEO of Haas Trade. I am sure you are excited to get started with your first course, so I will not take too much time talking about myself and our vision here at Haas Trade.  Just enough for you to get to know me, what we want you to get out of these courses, and your Haas Trade Membership. If you would like to hear my full story, our team members’ stories, and how Haas Trade came about, please check

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